• You must own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or be sponsored by someone who does.
  • To be a member of Pikes Peak H.O.G., you must have a current National H.O.G Membership as either the primary or associate member. (

Join Our Chapter

Whether you’re a new rider, a long-time Harley-Davidson owner or a sponsored member, you are welcome to join our chapter and experience the fun and excitement of being a Harley-Davidson owner at a whole new level.

Print out and complete the Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and the Chapter Directory Consent.  Please bring the forms to our next chapter meeting (see calendar) and we will be happy to register you as a member.  Note: Each member will need to fill out a form and pay the fee.

Please feel free to contact the Membership Officer at

View our charter.

New Members

Introduce yourself. Pull up a chair and join the group. Our old friends have heard the same stories for years now and we love to have a fresh audience who won’t point out all of the “discrepancies,” and we would love to hear your stories. Don’t feel embarrassed asking someone’s name 3 or 4 meetings/rides in a row.

Volunteer for all sorts of stuff. We guarantee that the first event you volunteer for will break the ice and you will truly feel like one of the group, not to mention that you will end the event with some very close friends. We welcome your new ideas. Volunteers make things happen!

Voice your concerns and abilities. You are respected for voicing any uneasiness you may have about riding in a group, regardless of your experience. Fall to the back of the pack for a while where you can watch and learn. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone. Our goal is to carry on the wonderful tradition of riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles and sharing the fun with friends.

Join today and be a part of:

  • Ladies of Harley (LOH)
  • Exclusive HOG Activities at Pikes Peak Harley
  • Organized events
  • Group Rides
  • Dinner Rides
  • Charitable Activities
  • Riding Workshops
  • Monthly meetings