Thank you to the activities committee for working hard and coming up with new ways for our group to get together during the winter months.  Diner and a Movie was a success with quite a few members showing up to Black Bear Diner to share a meal then moving on to the dollar theater next door for a fun night out.

Dawn, our server at the diner did a wonderful job of taking care of us.  Some attendees went on home or to other plans after dinner while some of us continued to the theater to see ‘Only the Brave’ after which we were all saying, I’m not crying–you’re crying

Join us for our next excursion on February 3 (after the meeting) for go-cart racing at Overdrive Raceway.  Families and friends are welcome and we hope to have a large crowd!  Later on in the month, on February 24, we are meeting up at Whiskey Baron at 6pm for free dance lessons.  There is no cover charge early and they even have people to teach us some sweet moves.  Order something to eat and a beverage (adult or non-alcoholic) while you try to learn something new (or watch as others try their best). The activities committee is pretty sure we have some members who can already dance, though, and we are hoping to see some bikers tearing up the dance floor–don’t forget to wear your cowboy boots!